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There are several distinct advantages that you can benefit from if you choose to retain our services to get a study visa in Canada. We will assist you to acquire a college or university admission and thereafter help you explore a career in Canada if you so desire.

Some of the most useful benefits that you shall receive through our study visa program service will include the following:

  • Unlike many so-called Canadian immigration services out there, we are actually based in Canada and not in a different county. For this reason, we are able to provide in-depth insight into college and university admissions that our competitions will not be able to provide for you. As soon as there are any changes on the ground, we are usually among the first to know about it.
  • Since our experts are on the ground in Canada, we will work to ensure that you get admission into your desired study program whether it is in a major college or university or any other relevant study program that you may desire.
  • Our services are focused on Canada and this means that we do not have divided attention dealing with too many different countries at once. With us, you will get a specialized service for Canada and from Canada. If you require advice on the best education to get in order to pursue a future career with a possible immigration angle in Canada, we are the best experts to provide you with the undivided attention that you need.
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If you require a study permit in Canada, you will have access to our experts to help you acquire the relevant study visa. In short, you will be assigned to one of our Canadian-educated and locally experienced representatives. This expert will handle and manage your application ensure that you do all the right things in compliance with immigration law and regulations.

What better help can you get than having the experience of someone who has gone through the same process several times? This is the level of confidence we can provide you with for the services that you will hire us for.

In actual terms, your assigned study-visa expert will ensure that any necessary documentation is professionally prepared and filed in a clear and concise manner. All this is done to ensure that the visa officer has no question about accepting your application and making a favorable decision in your favor.

Several of our clients have turned to us after unsuccessfully trying to get a study permit from other so-called experts. Once our clients come to us disappointed and apprehensive about not getting the study permit that they seek, we re-assure them and help them to turn things around in their favor.

Essentially, we have been successfully overturned several rejected applications by uncovering details in the original application and student profiles that made it impossible for the immigration officer to accept the application and thereafter provide the study permit.

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To avoid any disappointment down the road and after investing in acquiring your study permit, it is important to ensure that you find an authorized Canadian representative to assist you. Canadian regulations stipulate that only authorized representatives can act on your behalf and represent you in Canada immigration matters. This obviously includes acquiring a study permit.

In a lot of cases, a lot of service providers for Canadian study permits do not have the necessary qualifications and have to turn to the actual accredited experts to help them and to help you. Needless to say that using intermediaries instead of coming straight to our experts for immigration help or citizenship help is quite unnecessary since we are here to help you get exactly what you need.

The basic requirements to look for in an immigration expert or representative that you hire include the following:

  • Membership in the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This accreditation is necessary for any Canada citizenship or immigration consultants.
  • Membership in the Canadian provincial or territorial law society, or the ‘Chambre des notaires du Québec’ if you use the services of a notary or immigration lawyer
  • Membership in the Law Society of Upper Canada, for any paralegals working in the Ontario territory.

These professionals should be in good standing and should definitely be Canadian citizens or at least permanent residents in Canada. All of our experts are compliant as described above and are therefore all legally qualified to represent you in any immigration matters that you seek and specifically in acquiring study permits in this case.

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Another great benefit of using our services in order to acquire your study permit or visa is the fact that we make use of the latest government or immigration service portal to fast-track the entire immigration application process.

What better help can you get than having the experience of someone who has gone through the same process several times? This is the level of confidence we can provide you with for the services that you will hire us for.

More specifically, you can benefit in the following key ways:

  • First, most of the applications that we file on behalf of our clients are done through the official online portal. In fact, we typically file over 99% of all study permit applications that come to us through our online portal.
  • The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) portal which is only accessible to Authorized Paid Representatives (APR) that are members of the ICCRC allows submission of applications online on behalf of their clients. Once online applications are submitted the application status can be tracked through an automatic file number that is immediately generated
  • The online applications will typically ensure that processing and tracking of the entire application process is done as fast as possible. The online process is to your great benefit because it is much faster than having to go through the traditional process that entails physically going to immigration offices to submit and track the application process.

Some of the actions that can be managed through the ICCRC online portal include the following:

  • Start new applications
  • Searching for previous applications
  • Viewing previously submitted applications
  • Linking applications to an ICCRC portal account
  • Delete current active applications
  • Continue in-progress but incomplete applications.
  • Viewing messages received regarding submitted applications.
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