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Legacy Immigration


For most of those that travel to Canada, a common goal is for permanentresidency or temporary residency. There is, of course, a lot more nuance to the kind of visa that will specifically suit an individual'sneeds and this is what our service is here to provide you with.

Some of the categories for permanent residency that we can assist you with will include:
  • Investors application for permanent residency
  • Entrepreneurs permanent residency applications (PR application)
  • Self-employed permanent residency
  • Provincial nomination programs
  • Federal skilled worker programs
  • sponsorship
The categories for temporary visa applications that we provide will include:
  • Investors application for permanent residency
  • Temporary study permits
  • Temporary work permits
  • Family visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Working holiday visas
  • Business visas. And so on.

Below you will find further detail on the main categories for both permanent and temporary residence that include:


We will assist you to acquire a college or university admission and thereafter help you explore a career in Canada if you so desire.

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Our job is to make your work as seamless as possible by doing all the heavy lifting required in the visa application process to immigrate to Canada.

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A vast majority of Canadian work permits require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA),in order to hire a temporary foreign worker.

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Anyone that does not seek permanent residency is not a citizen or is not the holder of a minister’s permit can only be legally allowed into Canada as a visitor.

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The basic processor procedure

that we shall take you through in order to ensure that you finally acquire your visa will include the following.

Stage 1
Pre-registration Phase - Free Assessment
  • In the pre-registration phase, and after you contact us, we will offer you free personalized assessment of your qualification for different immigration programs in Canada. This is useful because you do not have to spend a cent to find out whether you have high chances of qualifying for your Canadian visa or not.
  • This initial consultation will be provided through a telephone conversation with our experts or through email. The best medium will be chosen depending on your circumstances.
Stage 2
Application, Advice and Document Submission Phase
  • After your initial interview with us and after your information has been further assessed by our experts, you will be advised on the best path to follow based on your qualifications and other inputs. This will then let you decide whether to retain our services andproceed with the next steps.
  • After agreeing on the best path forward, we will prepare a complete package including; review for completeness and accuracy to ensure that your application is presented professionally
  • We will then immediately initiate contact with Immigration authorities on your behalf and supply them with the relevant documentation and information for assessment
  • Thereafter, we shall keep tracking your application throughout the process and inform you of any information that will be necessary.
  • Once your application is accepted by the Canadian Immigration office, we will then prepare you for the interview that you shall be invited to attend.
Stage 3
Settlement Support - We provide settlement support including:

Once your visa application is accepted, and you are not sure how to immigrate to Canada, we will additionally go ahead and provide you with all the necessary settlement support to ensure that you have what you need when you get to Canada. Some of the assistance we will provide may include:

  • Credential assessment, which is a requirement in order to get points for foreign degrees
  • Linking you with various government programs geared towards new immigrants
  • Assisting you in finding a suitable job to begin your transition into Canada
  • Assistance in preparing to migrate to Canada,including making necessary arrangements at the airport if necessary.