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In its more than 10 years of existence, Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd. has gathered decades of cumulative expertise and experience in Canadian immigration services through its expert highly-accredited staff.

Our job is to make your work as seamless as possible by doing all the heavy lifting required in the visa application process to immigrate to Canada. We do this by assessing your strengths and weaknesses and thereafter search for the best and fastest immigration option to fit your unique profile.

From one of the several permanent residency programs, we choose the one that will provide you the highest chance of success in the visa application process.

There are three main groups that the Canadian government grants permanent residence visas to.

When an applicant submits their application for an immigrant visa, a point system is used to determine whether they will be eligible for the permanent visa application. Some of the assessment points will be ascribed to the likelihood that the applicant and their dependents will successfully settle and establish themselves in Canada. Several other factors will be up for consideration as well.

For example, in most cases, the ideal non-Canada skilled workers seeking immigration to Canada will have employable skills and experience, compatible with occupations or jobs in Canada that are open to prospecting immigrants. Essentially, if you have skills and experience in a job that is highly favored by the Canadian Government then your chances of having your permanent visa application approved becomes very high as well.

For business immigrants, the typical successful path to follow is initially establishing a new business or buying an existing business in Canada. At this point, the business immigrant will usually qualify for a temporary work visa in Canada under the federal owner-operator policies. After a specified period of time, the business immigrant can then qualify for permanent residence under an appropriate immigration program.

Our mission and goal is to help you throughout the entire visa application process and provide you the necessary advice, guidance, and service in successfully acquiring the most suitable visa for you.

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