Family Reunification

Through the Canadian Family reunification Visa Program, extended families are encouraged to come together and reunite with their loved ones in Canada through several different Canadian provincial and federal programs.
Canada offers several strong advantages including policies that encourage excellent opportunities for families including; excellent schooling, employment benefits, affordable and subsidized healthcare and so on. For a lot of families, Canada is a destination of choice for families that seek to build their lives in an advanced and thriving economy.
Some of the reunification programs that family members can qualify for include:

Through a spousal visa, an applicant married to a Canadian permanent resident or citizen gains the opportunity bring their dependent children with them. The applicant and their Canadian spouse must prove that they are married and further demonstrate that they wish to continue living together after they acquire the spousal visa.

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Through the Parental and Grandparental visa, extended families have the opportunity to be together in Canada. Essentially a Canadian citizen or permanent resident applies to sponsor their parent or grandparent to come to Canada.

In order for the parents and grandparents to qualify for this visa, the sponsor must demonstrate that they are financially capable of supporting the parents or grandparents without accessing public funds. The applicant and their parent/grandparent must also be willing to live together in Canada.

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Through the Remaining Relative Visa, Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the unique opportunity to sponsor an extended family member from abroad. This program is meant for Canadians that have no immediate family members in Canada or abroad.

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